POLL: Do Anti-Abortion Protesters Go Too Far?

Anti-abortion demonstrators invaded three clinics around the country on September 15, physically forcing their way in and refusing to leave in a coordinated escalation of the right-wing attack on women’s right to choose. Demonstrators entered clinics in order to perform a “Red Rose Rescue,” imitating a harassment tool popularized by Canadian anti-choice activist Mary Wagner, in which the antis approach women in the waiting room of clinics, hand them red roses and attempt to talk them out of having abortions.

Created Equal’s blog insists that by participating in these types of actions, they aren’t “blockading abortion center entrances or procedure rooms.” That phrase is a clear reference to the Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which is supposed to prohibit anti-choicers from harassing patients.Protesters remained in the waiting rooms until police were called, and a handful of demonstrators were arrested in each city. Created Equal is calling this demonstration an act of “peaceful civil disobedience for the unborn.”

Do anti-choice, anti-abortion protesters go too far?

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