Trump Fan Tries To Boycott NFL And Instantly Regrets It! #RacistsNeverWin

In the aftermath of Trump’s embarrassingly unpopular decision to attack the NFL last weekend, the President has, nonetheless, called for a boycott of the sport.

Despite such a movement against a league who effectively owns a day of the week being exceedingly unlikely, his fans have shown that they are rather ill-equipped to execute Trump’s wishes. 

Nothing like a Wednesday night boycott of Thursday Night Football. Twitter, of course, leapt at this golden opportunity.

This, of course, is not Republicans’ first failed attempt at a boycott. In just the last year, conservatives have called for boycotts of StarbucksStephen Colbert, and Hamilton on Broadway. All three continue to be enormous successes.

Judging by the looks of it, Thursday Night Football and the NFL will be just fine, too.


Via (VerifiedPolitics)

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