POLL: Should Trump Step Down From The Presidency?

Do you think Trump should just give up, throw in the towel, and step down from his role as President?

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  1. To those who do not like President TRUMP. First what did he do to you except working at putting you low lifes idiots to work and off and back on your own two fee.. Throwing out the graft and corruption in Washington those leftist, liberal, socialist dumocrats are the real slave holders. They want you to be under thumbs and take your money and dignity and pride. Is that what you want?

  2. You libtards are the worst possible of people. Why is it some one is finally doing something to clean up and put you lazy a**holes back to work and you think it is time to put him out? what about the real crooks you support Clinton,Pelosi,Obuttma, Sharpton, Jackson, and that is just to name a few and what about you damn Libtards should you not have been moved awhile back? Oh yeah forgot you are even too lazy to do anything but run your mouths !!!!!!!! Have a wonderful Lardass life!!!!!!!

  3. Trump is the elected President of the United States. He has done nothing wrong to be impeached for and he has accomplished more GOOD for the citizens on the USA in the last 9 months than his predecessor did in 8 years.
    Only those who are anti-American and/or totally ignorant seek his removal from office.

  4. personally l think its the LIBTARDS that should pack it in and leave like THEY said they were gonna , OH thats right Mexico is to Dangerous and Canada does not want them = too deplorable and dont that sound ironic . the part that kills me is WE the People suffered for 8 long years under our Muzlum an Chief and the rest of his Criminal cohorts for the Hope and Change , what We got was CHANGE all right = total social and racial division

    and then throw in a few 10 million Illegal Aliens and a few boat loads of Radical Muzlum’s and jail a few Christian bakers and thats OUR change , which left NO hope and is the soul reason my President Mr TRUMP was elected

  5. Liberals need to get their heads out of their ass and get over the fact that they lost when they tried to push the worst possible candidate. Pres. Trump has had more positive results on turning America around in the short time is been in office than any previous president.
    Brain did liberals care less about the country as a whole. The chair absolutely nothing about the future of America and would just as soon see it cease to exist as anything else.

  6. Stop with the liberal let’s get rid of President Trump. Your party lost — get over it or leave the Country. Preferably the later.

  7. Hell no Trump is a real President and has did more good in a few months than the magic monkey did in eight years!

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