POLL: Do You Think Trump’s Speech After The Las Vegas Shootings Was Sincere?

Do you think that Trump berating the Las Vegas shooter as “evil” and calling for unity in this country, and talk of God and religion, were sincere comments, or did Trump have other motives?

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  1. I’ll tell you who isn’t sincere, Hillary, Warren, and Pelosi….they couldn’t even wait 24 hours before they blamed the NRA…no good bottom feeders…

  2. To all who so desparately need to believe that President TRUMP

    can never be sincere in anything he believe & says

    then it’s now WE USofA see where every illegal human alien is still

    allowed to voice against our US President with our US freedom of specch

    which should so wrong

    especially muslims!!!

  3. Trump’s remarks are always sincere and from the heart. It is only the liberal left that LIE every time they open their mouths.

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