DISTURBING: Americans Watch In Horror At What Trump Just Did

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, not only took too long to visit the devastated island of Puerto Rico after it was hit by Hurricane Maria, but instead of politely handing out much-needed supplies to the poor citizens that were attendance, he decided to chuck some paper towels out at them – like some sort of free t-shirt giveaway.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe this will help you better envision the horrible world that we’re living in:


This type of behavior is not only disrespectful, it’s straight-up stupid. This poor island is already dangerously low on supplies, so for you, Donald, to incite a chaotic, riot-esque environment over these supplies is just remarkably dumb.

Calmly hand out these paper towels and food supplies to the people in need – that’s all you need to do.

These photos prove that he doesn’t care about their well-being at all. This is all a game to him. We’re all pawns in this huge conspiracy and, honestly, we’re getting pretty dang sick of it.

I mean, look at the joy on his face as he turns this tragic event into some sort of “game.”

It’s truly disgusting.

Everything this man chooses to do is not only embarrassingly, it’s infuriating.

He does not, and should not, represent the American people.

Let’s impeach this clown – now!

Via (RealTimePolitics)

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