POLL: Do You Think The Recent Abortion Bill Threatens Women’s Freedom To Choose?

The Majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, said that the goal of the recent abortion bill was “ending suffering and helping people live”, an ironic sentiment just three days after Republicans let a health program expire that could leave millions of children without insurance and two days after a massacre in Las Vegas that the GOP insists has nothing to do with the shocking availability of guns.

Many feel this bill is a blatant attempt to challenge Roe vs Wade and to end all abortions – despite the human suffering such a ban would cause.

Do you think the recent abortion bill threatens women’s freedom to choose?

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  1. You have the right to breed but not the right morally to murder a baby that comes from that action. If you don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes from your action of breeding you should use contraception methods to stop from getting pregnant. IE birth control pills, condoms. or even absence. It really boils down to your morality and acceptance of responsibility of your action Any way you look at it.ABORTION IS MURDER OF A LIVING BEING YOUR ACTIONS CREATED.

  2. Choose murder, I don’t think so, you women aren’t Gods deciding who lives and who dies..choose to keep your feet on the ground if you need to choose

  3. Women can always choose to use birth control or not. They can choose to have sex or not. They can choose to have the baby and give it up for adoption. They have many choices.

  4. Every woman is FREE to choose to NOT get pregnant. No woman has the right to terminate another human’s life. Once conception occurs, it is NOT just your body anymore.

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