POLL: Would Banning Guns Be Enough?

It’s clear that something desperately needs to be done about the horrific amount of gun violence that occurs in America. However, would banning guns be enough to solve the problem?

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  1. Why does this question come up ad nauseum? Simply put, criminals don’t obey laws so banning guns will do nothing. They will use a car, a knife, a pressure cooker . . . . You can’t use mental illness because who will be in charge of saying you have now become too mentally ill to own a gun? Seriously, at that point PMS could be used against women as a form of mental illness. The mentally ill need to be in special places for their problems. Criminals need to be in jail. The problem is, this country has been soft on crime for decades because it keeps doctors, pharmaceutical companies, lawyers and politicians in the money.

  2. All it is doing is taking guns away from legal law abiding Citizens and giving everthing to the Thugs. The Thugs will never turn in their guns! Look at the 5 top gun crime cities! All gun free. Highest gun crimes in the world. Thake them same 5 cities away and we are one of the lowest gun crime countries. Switzerland by law has a gun in every home! Lowest gun crime countries in world. But Switzerland has no Liberals. Liberals kills guns do not kill unless in a hand of a Thug or idiot!

  3. If banning guns actually worked, Chicago would NOT have had 532 gun homicides thus far in 2017. Only an IDIOT thinks taking guns away from law abiding citizens makes anyone safer. Laws banning guns are IGNORED by criminals.

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