POLL: Do You Think That Trump Is Purposely Trying to Start WWIII?

With the way that Trump reacts to North Korea knowing that they have made direct threats against the United States, do you believe that Trump is purposely trying to start World War III?

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  1. North Korea is the one who is constantly trying to re-ignite hostilities with South Korea.
    Remember that the Korean War is only at a Cease-Fire.

  2. Trump has been wanting to start a war ever since he was elected so that he can beat on his chest and say he has done something.

  3. Still reversing the votes, I see!!
    You ugly lefturd idiots and the media are doing a great job stirring
    the pot, throwing fuel on the fire and fanning the flames for war!!

  4. You could almost have said the same thing about Bush 1 & 2 trying to usher in the Biblical Armageddon a few years ago in the Middle east. But it’s B.S. that Trump is trying to bring about WWIII. The North Korean Kid is the provocateur here and his temper tantrum just might pull it off one way or another. The Kid, or Rocket Man as Trump calls him, is hoping to blackmail the UN into more stuff to avert WWIII.

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